Wishandtick for business

Not just a wishlist for your shop

Wishandtick gives you the opportunity of handling for you the burden of creating a wishlist software for your shop/website and this completely for free. You can add a wishlist button to every ecommerce platform like Magento, osCommerce, OpenCart, ...

But this is not the only advantage you get while using Wishandtick on your website, and even not the most important one: Our slogan is "social wish sharing", in fact Wishandtick is a community of people who like to share their wishes with their friends, so they can always get what they really want as gift in every occasion. This automatically creates an opportunity for your business, since beside offering your clients a wishlist software you are also advertising your products to all their friends! Giving visibility to your brand and also opening new opportunities to sell your products.

Wish Button

It's free and it's easy.

You can choose between different layouts for your buttons


Place once this javascript snippet anywhere in your page to make the button load asynchronously:
And finally place how many buttons you like wherever you want inside of your page just by copying this little html snippet:


Wishandtick searches for the information on your website which fit the best for the wish, but if you prefer to set some fields rather then letting them be retrieved by Wishandtick you can add the following line on top of the javascript snippet: Note that none of the fields above is mandatory, the price has to be a number, the currency must follow the ISO 4217 format (USD,GBP,EUR,AUD,...), images must be at least 300x300 but for better results we suggest make images be at least 600 pixel width.

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