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Sterling Silver Laurel Wreath Necklace
Sterling Silver Laurel Wreath NecklaceBrand: Fred Perry, Price: £60.00
Hearts of Love Ring
Hearts of Love RingPrice: £45.00
Hearts Tiara Ring
Hearts Tiara RingPrice: £45.00
Laurel Wreath Ring
Laurel Wreath RingPrice: £55.00
My Princess Tiara Ring
My Princess Tiara RingPrice: £60.00
Forever Hearts Ring
Forever Hearts RingPrice: £50.00
Dazzling Daisy Band Ring
Dazzling Daisy Band RingPrice: £75.00
Michael Kors Necklace
Michael Kors NecklaceBrand: Michael Kors, Price: £95.00
Michael Kors Bracelet
Michael Kors BraceletBrand: Michael Kors, Price: £85.00
Michael Kors Earrings
Michael Kors EarringsBrand: Michael Kors, Price: £69.00